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2016 Golden Globes Recap Podcast

2016 Golden Globes Recap Podcast – <18 mins – 32.9MB>

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It’s very frustrating to sit through an awards show and basically be told that the show is probably rigged. It became a running gag during the 73rd Golden Globes that not everything was on the up-and-up which made what began as an entertaining evening (Ricky Gervais was very funny) into a tedious chore of watching station ads, trailers for the nominated movies, and award winners that seem more cherry picked than earned. So I apologize if the post-Golden Globes podcast sounds a bit on the angry side but it after a week of watching on average two movies a week to get caught up on all the nominees, it felt kind of pointless in the end.


I apologize if there were some audio issues with the podcast. I was trying a slightly different setup and I have a bit of a sore throat. I know the sound quality isn’t awful but I’m a bit of a stickler for audio so the fact that the sound fidelity may only be 9 out of 10 still bothers me.


Here’s a link to the Metacritic list I mentioned on the podcast.


For winners and the nominees for the 73rd Golden Globes, click this link.

Breakout (MB Hall of Fame Inductee)


Hall of Fame Inductee
Original Release: 1976 (Arcade)
Developed by: Atari
Published by: Atari

When Pong came out, people realized that the game came with a major flaw: you had to play the game with another person. People with no friends were left looking lonely in the corner. Atari responded several years later with Breakout which is essentially a Pong game for people to play by themselves. Atari and the creators of Pong felt that taking the Pong concept and developing into a single-player experience would be well received. They were right as Breakout not only did very well in the arcades but also spurned multiple sequels and has had a lasting legacy.