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2016 Golden Globes Recap Podcast

2016 Golden Globes Recap Podcast – <18 mins – 32.9MB>

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It’s very frustrating to sit through an awards show and basically be told that the show is probably rigged. It became a running gag during the 73rd Golden Globes that not everything was on the up-and-up which made what began as an entertaining evening (Ricky Gervais was very funny) into a tedious chore of watching station ads, trailers for the nominated movies, and award winners that seem more cherry picked than earned. So I apologize if the post-Golden Globes podcast sounds a bit on the angry side but it after a week of watching on average two movies a week to get caught up on all the nominees, it felt kind of pointless in the end.


I apologize if there were some audio issues with the podcast. I was trying a slightly different setup and I have a bit of a sore throat. I know the sound quality isn’t awful but I’m a bit of a stickler for audio so the fact that the sound fidelity may only be 9 out of 10 still bothers me.


Here’s a link to the Metacritic list I mentioned on the podcast.


For winners and the nominees for the 73rd Golden Globes, click this link.

Invictus (Movie Review)

Movie Review
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon
Directed by: Clint Eastwood

It would be hard to criticize Clint Eastwood for making a film that lacked philosophical direction but Invictus makes it an easy argument. Despite an excellent performance from Morgan Freeman playing the role of Nelson Mandela, there is little about the movie worth praising. When it comes down to it, the film can’t decide whether it wants to be about politics or if it wants to be about sport. If the intention was to be about the both of them, Eastwood didn’t do a good job balancing between the two.