Quick Update

I have been watching as many films as I can in the lead up to the Golden Globes on Sunday. I will be posting the Weekly Movie podcast later tonight with my Golden Globe predictions. With all the movie watching I’ve been doing over the last week, I’ve had little time for anything else so unfortunately there won’t be a running or video game podcast this week. On Sunday, I’ll be doing a live play-by-play of the Golden Globes and a recap podcast after the show.

Weekly Movie Post–Dec. 24



$ Wknd.

$ per Theatre

$ Overall



Star Wars: The Force Awakens






Alvin and the Chipmunks:
The Road Chip












The Hunger Games:
Mockingjay – Part 2











Theatrical Releases This Week

Wide Release

Limited Releases


Daddy’s Home


Point Break

*The Big Short (Expanded to nationwide release)

45 Years

The Hateful Eight

The Revenant

Yellow Day


New Home Video Releases This Week

Wide Release

Limited Releases

Pawn Sacrifice

On voulait tout casser
Sleeping with Other People
War Room



The Theory of Everything (Movie Review)

Movie Review
The Theory of Everything
Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones
Directed by: James Marsh

On paper, the story of Stephen Hawking would seem quite intriguing. He is one of the greatest minds that the world has ever produced despite the fact that he suffers from ALS and was given only a few years to live decades ago. In the film, The Theory of Everything, director James Marsh examines the life and times of Stephen Hawking by using Hawking’s wife Jane as the main character of the film. In some ways, it makes the film quite interesting in offering a unique perspective on how Hawking has lived his life but, in other ways, takes away from possibly some of the more interesting possible storylines that the film could have demonstrated to see him progress as an educator and theorist. Regardless, the story takes a bit of a backseat as the performance of Eddie Redmayne as Hawking is simply incredible.


Weekly Running Post–August 16, 2014


Weekly Running Podcast – August 16, 2014 <21 mins – 19.6MB>
^right click to download^

A bit longer running podcast than normal. I go quite a bit into the benefits of pacing properly and doing smaller races (5K and 10K) to prepare oneself mentally for larger races (half and full marathons). I also go over the races for this weekend. For the full list and links to the registration pages for each race, continue reading past the break.

I apologize tor the podcast not going up in time. I don’t know if it’s due to overtraining or the amount of writing I’ve been doing this past week (or both) but I was completely exhausted the last couple of days. Therefore a couple of races may have actually happened by the time this post goes up. I will make sure the podcast goes up on Wednesday like normal next week. Also, for those waiting for it, the Movie Newsletter will be up tomorrow evening. The Video Game Podcast will be up later tonight.

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Weekly Movie Post–August 13, 2014


Weekly Movie Podcast – August 13, 2014 <19 mins – 17.5MB>
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This podcast is a bit long and heavy as I not only discuss the box office numbers from last weekend and the new movies coming out but also the careers of Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and Joe Viskocil.

Continue reading for the top five charts from the last week’s box office (all data coming from www.the-numbers.com). There’s also a list of all the movies coming out this weekend in theatres and the movies that were released for the home video market this week (with trailers where available).

Also, here’s the link to my friend Travis Knight’s Indiegogo campaign that I mentioned on the podcast.


Quick Site Update

Due to me doing something pretty foolish, I have caused some of my audio equipment to not work. Therefore, the Video Game Podcast will only be published on Sunday. Additionally, due to the delay, the Movie Newsletter will only be published on Monday. Thankfully, the mishap is minor but it will still take a day for me to catch up.

18 Months of Nothing

For the few that are still following this site, you haven’t see much new content on this space for quite a while. I’ve been working on other things and this site has been put on the backburner. The important thing about this site has always been that is a hobby of mine and nothing else. My goal is not to raise revenue or see how many page views I can get with a post but it’s an outlet for me to talk about my hobbies. A few years ago, I started to lose my taste for writing for a number of reasons. A major reason was that I was constantly reviewing and scrapping articles I’ve wrote. When I would say on a podcast that I had a 15 000 word newsletter ready to go, it wasn’t a lie; it would just never see the light of day because I wasn’t happy with what I had written. I would routinely write, toss, then re-write articles and reviews because it didn’t meet my standards.

I’ve been itching to get back into writing for several months now and I’m going to see where it takes me. I have some goals in mind but that won’t change the concept of the site. Right now, I’m looking at taking a look at the articles and reviews that I’ve written previously. Some content that is currently on the site might disappear over the next two weeks but anything I remove, I plan on replacing with something that I feel is better. The other thing I have to work on is moving my media content over to another server. All the archived podcasts will stay on the site but the links will change. I plan on doing that sometime over the next two weeks.

The type of content will remain the same: podcasts (on running, video games, and movies), newsletters (on movies and video games including reviews and sales analysis) and articles pertaining to whatever is on my mind. One major goal I have is to write at least 400 movie reviews by the end of next year. Whether I hit that goal remains to be seen; it’ll depend on how much time I have and whether or not I can be happy with the 1000 words I write instead of writing a review four times and still not feel it’s fit to print.

Pre E3 2012 Roundtable Podcast

(28 mins) ^right click to download^

I’m having some issues with the website at the moment. I’ve been trying to upload the podcast for the better part of the day and my normal blog editor is acting up. I plan on posting a new Video Game Newsletter later tonight as well as a roundtable podcast of the Xbox 360 E3 presser (the Sony one might have to wait until tomorrow). When I get the website stuff sorted out, I’ll clean up this post and make everything more presentable. Until then, check out our predictions (we were pretty close with Microsoft with the notable exception of a new console).