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Oscars Page is Now Available

Sorry about the delay but the Oscars Page is now up on the site. The page is accessible through the top menu by accessing the 2015 Film Awards section. My voice and throat are still in rough shape so I will not be recording a podcast today but I will eventually record a podcast about the Oscar nominees.

By the end of next week, most of the Oscar nominated films will be reviewed on this site.

Weekly Video Game Post–January 3, 2015

There are going to be some major changes to how video games are going to be covered on this site. Overall, there will be a reduction in coverage (more emphasis will be put on film, running, and other things). One of the major reasons for this shift is because I find writing and spending time talking about video games too laborious. It’s no longer fun to do as a hobby and every time I’ve had to pull myself away from this site for long periods of time, I didn’t really miss it all that much. Sometimes, it was a relief when I knew I couldn’t write about video games because it felt like chore. There’s too much drama and fanboy garbage that makes writing about the industry in an objective manner more work than it needs to be.

The Weekly Video Game Podcast will remain although the news that I used to put in newsletters will be added to the podcast. With that, there will no longer be any newsletters. There will also only be a few video game reviews a month along with a few feature articles about various things anniversary articles for  Super Mario Bros. 3 and Final Fantasy are in the works). Weekly video game sales will no longer be published because they are no longer reliable (due to the increasing popularity of online marketplaces) although data released by hardware and software publishers will be discussed on the podcast whenever it’s made available.

Some may not like the changes as video games have always been a big part of the site. It will still be something covered here but in a smaller role. Since I work in a very limited role with collaborators, most of the work done on the site is done by myself. I don’t take and have refused advertising and other sources of revenue to supplement my work here. This is a hobby of mine. Certain aspects of it is no longer fun and once a hobby feels like a job, it’s time to stop. I already have a full-time job (and one that I enjoy doing way more than I like talking about video games).

The podcast will resume next week as there is very little to talk about as there was very little news and only two releases on consoles (both Nintendo Virtual Console eShop releases).

This Past Week’s Downloadable Console/Handheld Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

Nintendo Wii U Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (GBA-Virtual Console)
Nintendo 3DS Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (GBC-Virtual Console)

This Week’s Steam Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

Ancients of Fasaria: Celestias Angelica
Catmouth Island
Crunch Time
Dr. Green

Dungeon of Gain
Fake Colours
The Ingenious Machine
Pilot Brothers 2
The Race for the White House
– Shadows of War
SilverQuest: Gaiden
Star Nomad
– sZone-Online
Vintage Year
The Way of Life
– Xsyon – Prelude

Weekly Movie Podcast Update and Other Website News

I’m having some hardware issues and it’s affecting the quality of the sound recording of the podcast. I recorded the podcast but there is some odd audible noises on the track. I’m going to re-record it tomorrow and post it (provided that I can fix the problem). If I can’t, I’ll just post the usual weekly update without the podcast.

Coming up on the website will be an analysis that I did regarding the performance of The Interview as well as a number of movie reviews. The article should be up tomorrow and there will be at least six reviews up by the end of the weekend.

There will also be a page dedicated to the Golden Globes up this weekend. I will be doing a preview podcast next weekend followed by live blogging the telecast and a recap podcast.

Weekly Video Game Post–August 11, 2014

Due to an issue with my laptop, this week’s Video Game Podcast is in limbo. Hopefully, I’ll be able to access the raw file by tomorrow and edit it so I can publish it tomorrow. If not, I’ll just chalk it up to a loss. However, I still want to publish the sales figures from the last two weeks as well as list all the game releases from last week (all sales figures come from If I still have issues with the laptop, I will still be producing podcasts for the week but the sound quality will take a bit of a hit.

Video Game Sales for the Week of August 2nd, 2014





Sales of the Week

Weeks of Release

1 PS4 The Last of Us Remastered Sony Computer Entertainment 293k New
2 Wii U Mario Kart 8 Nintendo 32k 10
3 Xbox 360 Minecraft Microsoft 25k 61
4 PS3 Minecraft Sony Computer Entertainment 19k 12
5 3DS Tomodachi Life Nintendo 17k 9
6 Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto V Take-Two 16k 46
7 Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision 15k 39
8 3DS Pokemon X/Y Nintendo 15k 43
9 PS3 Grand Theft Auto V Take-Two 11k 46
9 PS3 Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision 11k 39

Video Game Sales for the Week of July 26th, 2014





Sales of the Week

Weeks of Release

1 Wii U Mario Kart 8 Nintendo 37k 9
2 Xbox 360 Minecraft Microsoft 26k 60
3 3DS Tomodachi Life Nintendo 21k 8
4 PS3 Minecraft Sony Computer Entertainment 21k 11
5 Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto V Take-Two 16k 45
6 Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision 16k 38
7 3DS Pokemon X/Y Nintendo 16k 42
8 PS3 Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision 11k 38
9 PS4 Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision 11k 37
10 PS3 Grand Theft Auto V Take-Two 10k 45

This Week’s Retail Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Sacred 3
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Sony PlayStation 3 Sacred 3
Ultra Street Fighter IV


This Past Week’s Downloadable Console/Handheld Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

Nintendo Wii U Cybernator (Virtual Console-SNES)
Jett Tailfin
Mega Man 5 (Virtual Console-NES)
Shut the Box
Super Mario Kart (Virtual Console-SNES)
Sony PlayStation 4 Killzone Shadow Fall: Intercept
Road Not Taken
The Swapper
Sony PlayStation 3 The Swapper
Nintendo 3DS The Mysterious Murasame Castle (Virtual Console-NES)
Sony PlayStation Vita Metrico
Table Top Racing
The Swapper

This Week’s Steam Game Releases
(click title for trailers)

– Amazing World
Another Perspective
Back to Bed
– Battle Islands
Cloud Chamber
The Counting Kingdom
Crazy Plant Shop
Cricket Captain 2014
– Direct Hit: Missile War
Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix
The Expendabros
Guns and Robots
Heroes of a Broken Land
Jet Gunner
Kingdom Tales 2
Mind: Path to Thalamus
– New York Bus Simulator
Orbital Gear
Pe-2: Dive Bomber
Rex Rocket
Road Not Taken
– The Terminal 2
– The Tower
Victory at Sea
War on Folvos

Site Update–Running Section Added and New Posts

As you may have noticed, there has been very little activity on the site this past year. Every time I thought I’d have some time to sit and do a bunch of writing, something would get in the way and would leave little time for the site. I had some ambitious ideas for the site but I’ve never had the time to work on them properly and I didn’t want to just put stuff up on here for the sake of putting stuff up. There have probably been close to a dozen newsletters that, for the most part, were written but never published only because I didn’t have the time to edit them properly. I suppose I could publish some of the stuff that I’ve done (the movie and video game reviews will definitely get published) but some of the stuff like weekly sales recaps seem dated and would just amount to padding a newsletter more than anything else.


Daily Update – Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Bird on Toronto Island Beach

Really busy day so no daily rant today. I’ll have one tomorrow for sure we’re I’ll post a scathing write up about adorable kittens or something. I know I’ll be out of town on Friday so I’ll prepare myself and have one written beforehand and have it automatically posted some time on Friday.

The Weekly Movie Podcast will be up later tonight. There will also be two movie reviews going up sometime between now and the podcast going up.

*     *     *

Quebec News

The NDP might still be riding high in Quebec but there seems to be growing frustration that some people can’t even contact their MPs due to the fact that a third of all NDP MPs in Quebec don’t have a riding office. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write something about voting for a party/leader vs. voting for the local candidate. Quebec is a very fickle place and while Jack Layton may be the greatest superstar today, he could easily become yesterday’s news. Just ask Gilles Duceppe.

World News

The Canadian dollar might be riding high but things could turn really bad for Canada soon if the United States defaults on their debt. Make all the jokes you want about how the U.S. wants to be the first major country to default on their debts before Greece does, if this does happen, it could cause a even greater ripple in the financial markets than if Greece goes under. Senate Democrats and Republicans are continuing debate even though they’re supposed to be on recess to see if they can come to a solution.

*     *     *

Movie Listings

5:10 – Aurore (Moviepix)
8PM – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Space)
9PM – Brokeback Mountain (Moviepix)
10PM – True Lies (W Movies)
10:30 – The Thief of Bagdad (TCM)
10:45 – Everlasting Moments (M Fest)

Soccer Ball to the Side of the Head

Whoa, what happened? Did the site die again?

No, just a minor health scare (a concussion, or a upper-body injury for the hockey fans out there). There was a small accident at school and I haven’t been able to do much. I had to take days off from work; which is a pretty big deal for me since in the last ten years, aside from when I had an emergency appendectomy, I think I’ve only taken about a dozen days off from work due to illness from the various jobs I’ve worked at.

My priority is getting better and making sure I can get through eight hours without feeling drowsy, hazy, or experiencing a headache. It’s also getting near the end of the school year so I need to make sure my students are prepared for their exams. As much as I love writing on this website, my health and my job are a higher priority.

Once I feel 100%, I’ll start writing again. I’m penciling in the 15th of May as my return date but it’s not set in stone. (See update below) If you’re someone I was supposed to interview as part of a podcast and are reading this, I will most likely get in touch with you by Monday to schedule a time to conduct the interviews.

UPDATE-May 17th: I’m pretty much back to normal although I’m still sleeping more than usual. The website should be back to normal in the next few days although I won’t have most of the features up this week (I’m going to do my best to publish a Movie Newsletter on Friday and if I can time it properly with Chris, there might be a Video Game Podcast on Thursday). I hope to be back to a normal pace of a rant and a review a day by Friday as well as the regular features returning next week.

New Design–Relaunch almost set

As you can see, the look of the site has been changed. I’m also working on tidying up some of the posts that seem are published but seem to be in limbo (no categories or tags). There’s also some formatting issues on some of the older posts which I’ll work on this week.

Updates will resume tomorrow (which I had said last week but am super serious this time). I’ve got some goals in mind for what I want to do with the site in the short term and long term. The main plan is to post on a regular basis which is something I’ve been telling myself to do but not doing it (mostly for good reasons). All the regular features (like the podcasts and newsletters) will resume shortly along with some new things I think most will like.

UPDATE @ 1:15PM – I’m aware of a major problem with the Video Game Review page. I’m working on fixing it. It’s a pretty big one as with this new template I can’t figure out a way to modify the tables. Either I’ll fix that particular page or redesign it completely.

They Have That New Kitten Smell

New Kittens

It’s going to be a light weekend on the website. I was hoping to start the weekly news podcast tonight but I didn’t have much time today. Between finishing up assignments because I have a teachers’ convention to go to next week and my new friends that came home tonight, I haven’t had much time to do anything. Keeping a kitten occupied with a shoelace for an hour is more entertaining than any video game or movie. The little black one, who spent the first couple of hours hiding from everyone has taken to my left index finger as if it’s his security blanket.

There will be a roundtable podcast up on Sunday since it was recorded two weeks ago but I still haven’t finished editing it yet. I’ve also have a couple of reviews that are finished but need editing as well so they’ll sneak their way onto the site this weekend. I’ll have my hands full on Sunday with New Super Mario Bros. Wii so look for a review of that either Monday or Tuesday. Chris was supposed to come over and we were going to do a podcast or something but it’s going to be chaotic around here with the new kittens and also other funny business happening. I’m pretty much clear through the back log of reviews so there will be less reviews (down to about one a day) and more rants (which I want to do daily). That’s only if the black kitten will let go of my finger long enough.