2015 BAFTA Broadcast

If you are interested in watching the 2015 BAFTA awards and you’re living in North America, you might be able to watch them…just not live and not if you live in Canada. Here are the broadcast times:

USA: The show is being broadcast on tape-delay on BBC America at 8PM eastern. It is then being replayed at 11PM

Canada: Apparently, Bell has the rights to broadcast the BAFTAs but none of their kazillion channels (according to the listings that I’ve gone through) are showing it. In the past, Canadian license-holders have shown the awards event days after the event so it might be made available at a later date. BBC World News has the red carpet nonsense at 12:15 eastern.

If anyone knows of when the show is being broadcast in Canada, please leave a comment or e-mail me so I can update this post.

Either way, I have plans on watching it as I still can’t watch television for a long period of time. Hopefully that will change soon and I can start posting regularly on the site again. The constant headaches are gone but if I watch television or work on the computer for longer than half-an hour, I get really tired. Still, I’m doing way better then I was last week where I was sleeping most of the day.


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